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Recent Photo Session


Jordan & Stephanie


Recently, we had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Jordan and Stephanie.



How often do you notice texture within photographs?  I think it is one of the more overlooked aspects of a photograph and yet it is a vital principle of art theory.  Do we overlook texture within photographs because we are not accustom to noticing it or because we are focused on something else within the photograph?  Texture within a photograph offers rare insight into the beautiful array of creations the world around us provides.  Conversely, we are  accustom to waking each morning and perceiving in disarray the texture of our skin despite "blind" attempts.  However, we notice not the texture of our beautiful skin and instead we focus on the texture of our ugly skin.  I think our ability to notice the principle of art, texture, within  photographs will facilitate our ability to perceive the texture of our skin as beautiful and stop focusing on the lie that textured skin is ugly.  Our skin is created with texture and is not the creator a celestial artist?

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